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Ironing out Wrinkles // Fixing Earthquake Faults

Local humidification to reduce planar deformations.

José Luis Lazarte, Graduate Intern in Painting Conservation

When Alan Sonfist’s (b. 1946) California Earthquake came to the Paintings Conservation department for treatment, my first thought was: This graphite drawing on canvas is more a drawing on a textile than it is a painting. As such, the artwork fell between conservation specialties, and its treatment required collaboration among the Paintings, Paper, and Textiles Conservation departments at the Museums.

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Indispensable: Jane Kim

During her June residency at the de Young, Jane Kim, a visual artist and science illustrator, will create a project that explores the flora and fauna of Golden Gate Park.  As part of our series Indispensible, we asked her to tell us about a tool that’s important to her work.

You chose a tool that might not be familiar to most people.

Yeah, I picked the Pentel Waterbrush. It was introduced to me in a scientific illustration program in 2009 and I’ve been using it ever since. You put water in the handle of the brush and when you squeeze the handle, water comes out of the bristles. I wouldn’t tell anyone that it should be their main brush, but I fell in love with it.

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Indispensable: Chad Hasegawa

"Indispensable" is a series that asks the de Young’s Artists in Residence to explain a tool that’s essential to their work.

So tell us why you picked a hammer.

I use a lot of bucket paint and this hammer is the best thing for closing the lid on a can. I’m constantly opening and closing my buckets and I’m constantly shaking them.  So if they’re not shut tightly, paint is getting all over the place. It’s a really a major part of my process. Look at all my paintings, there’s like a billion colors in there. I’m opening a lot of cans for a short period of time each.

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Indispensable: Liz Harvey

"Indispensable" is a series that asks the de Young’s Artists in Residence to explain a tool that’s essential to their work.

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Setting the Table with Ed Ruscha

Ed Ruscha sitting with the materials used for printing the News... portfolio. © Estate of Tony Evans/Timelapse Library Ltd.

This Thanksgiving menu is unlike any you’ve had before. It was chosen by artist Ed Ruscha and includes caviar and squid, along with pie filling. 

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Interview with Alexander Barantschik

By Danica Hodge, Editor, Publications

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