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Docent Lecture: "Women Sculpted, Women Sculptors—From Object to Artist", by Mina Shea

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March 3, 2015 -

Since the mid-19th century, American women have pursued careeers in sculpture that often looked to the past, but also brought powerful, new, and important voices to the medium. We will look at both sculptures of the female form and sculptures by women artists from the collection of the Fine Arts Museums.

Guest Lecture: "The Origins of Mythic Representation in Greek Art", by Barry Powell

May 9, 2015 -

When do we find the earliest myths in Greek art? This proves to be a difficult question for scholars because before figures are labeled, they are open to various interpretations. This lecture will trace myth in cultures predating Greece, in Mesopotamia and Egypt, and show how the representation of narrative in art is a Greek invention that accompanies the spread of alphabetic literacy.

Lecture by Barry Powell, Halls-Bascom Professor Emeritus of Classics, University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Guest Lecture: "Ancient Egyptian Masterpieces: Sculpture in Wood", by David Silverman

Seneb, the royal scribe, Egyptian, Middle Kingdom, early Dynasty 12, ca. 1938–1850 BC
March 21, 2015 -

This lecture focuses on ancient Egyptian wooden sculpture, three-dimensional and in relief, highlighting its broad range of styles and quality, adaptability, and penchant for innovative styles. This presentation will form a context for the Museums’ recent acquisition of the exquisitely carved and painted statuette of Seneb—an unsurpassed example of the art of the Middle Kingdom in Egypt.

Ancient Art Council's Scherman Lecture by David Silverman, Eckley Brinton Coxe, Jr. Professor of Egyptology and Curator, Egyptian Section, University Museum, University of Pennsylvania.


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