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Docent Lecture: "History in a Teacup: Traveling with Porcelains from China to California," Peggy Gordon

March 6, 2012 -

The 17th century was a period of trade—and espionage—with China. The object of desire was porcelain, “white gold,” and the secrets of its manufacture. This lecture looks at the Museums’ beautiful porcelain collection in the context of history.

This event is expired.

New Discoveries at Çatalhöyük: A Neolithic “Town” in Central Turkey

February 25, 2012 - 2:00pm

Speaker: Dr. Ian Hodder, Dunlevie Family Professor, Department of Anthropology, and Director, Stanford Archaeology Center, Stanford University

Çatalhöyük is a 9000-year-old site in central Turkey long famous for its enigmatic art and symbolism and its large size at a very early date. Since 1993 Ian Hodder has been conducting excavations at the site with an international team of archaeologists and scientists. In this talk he will outline some of the more recent results regarding the economic, social, and religious lives of the inhabitants of this ancient settlement.

This event is expired.

Special Lecture: “Pissarro's Finale: From Paris with Love,” Dr. Anne Prah-Perochon in partnership with the Alliance Française [TIME CHANGE]

January 22, 2012 -

In honor of Pissarro's People, Dr. Anne Prah-Perochon, art historian and contributor to the journal France-Amérique, presents her lecture, “Pissarro's Finale: From Paris with Love."

This event is expired.


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