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Docent Lecture: "Color! Shades of Meaning in Art", by Victoria Kirby

Thiebaud, Paint Cans, 1990
August 15, 2015 -

Throughout human history, colors have been seen and responded to as both demonic and divine. This lecture tells the story of changing societal attitudes and beliefs about colors and how artists reflected these perceptions to relay messages and meanings about class, political persuasion, cultural issues, and even a person’s character.

Docent Lecture: "The Splendor of the Past: A Diary of 18th Century Paris", by Marsha Holm

Salon Doré from the Hôtel de la Trémoille, Paris
August 15, 2015 -

From the salon to the shops, the couturier's to the courtiers, 18th century Paris exuded high fashion and high living. Using paintings, furniture, porcelain, and silver from the collection of the Legion of Honor, this lecture will examine the food, fashion, and frivolities that made life in Paris so remarkable.

Docent Lecture: "What's the Story? Secular and Religious Narratives from the FAMSF Collection", by Jim Kohn

Joos van Cleve, Lucretia, 15th–16th century
August 4, 2015 -

At an art museum, we may look at a painting and wonder, "what is going on?" The tales told through art are sometimes esoteric and require decoding. This lecture gives fascinating insights into the stories told in art from the classical period, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and into the 19th and 20th centuries. Come hear the stories behind the pictures.

Docent Lecture: "From Paper to Canvas: Connections between Achenbach Masterpieces and Fine Arts Museums Paintings", by Jim Kohn

Rubens, The Tribute Money
July 18, 2015 -

Many surprises are revealed in comparing works on paper with those on canvas. The diverse media and techniques used to make drawings, etchings, woodcuts, prints, and paintings result in fascinating differences in artistic expression.

Docent Lecture: "High Style: The Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection", by Gretchen Turner

James, "Clover Leaf" ball gown
July 11, 2015 -

Gowns, accessories, and other looks by the most influential designers of the last one hundred years—including Chanel, Givenchy, Dior, and Charles James—trace the evolution of fashion in the 20th century. See High Style, this exclusive West Coast presentation from the Brooklyn Museum’s distinguished costume collection.

Docent Lecture: "Impressionist Paris: City of Light", by Jim Kohn

Marville, Rue Saint-Germain l'Auxerrois from Rue des Prêtres
July 7, 2015 -

From the dark alleys at the dawn of the Impressionist era to the world of color and light of the early 20th century, the city of Paris was a continual source of inspiration for the artists and photographers who adopted it as a subject. This presentation features prints, drawings, photographs, paintings, and illustrated books from the permanent collection and several distinguished private collections.


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