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Live music by Seismic Strings

Seismic Strings
October 8, 2016 -

An interesting aspect of historical research into the music of the 17th century is to discover who was influenced by whom, how music traveled, and how music relates to other art forms. There are many parallels between the works of the brothers Le Nain, and the music of Lully, Charpentier, and others who pervaded the stages of the time.

Italian Opera by Claudio Santome

Claudio Santome. Photo by Fatimata Vetu
January 9, 2016 -

Claudio Santome completed training as music teacher in Buenos Aires with a masters from the Teatro Colón where he also sung Giuseppe Verdi's Aida. After emigrating to the US in 1997, he performed Ariel Ramirez's Misa Criolla in California, Michigan, Switzerland, Italy, and Argentina. He specializes in Belcanto repertoire singing from Mozart, Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi, and Puccini. In the symphonic repertoire, he sung Carmina Burana, as tenor and baritone, Gustav Mahler's Ruckert and Des Knaben Wunderhorn.

Opening Day Celebration: "Sublime Beauty: Raphael's Portrait of a Lady with a Unicorn"

Raphael (1483–1520), Portrait of a Lady with a Unicorn, ca. 1505–1506
January 9, 2016 -

To celebrate the opening of special exhibition Sublime Beauty: Raphael's Portrait of a Lady with a Unicorn, the Legion of Honor hosts an afternoon program featuring a scholarly lecture, Italian opera, art-making activities for all ages, and more.

Schedule of Events

12–1:30 pm, Gallery 10
Italian Opera by Claudio Santome


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