Organ Concerts

The Legion of Honor’s Skinner Organ is a spectacular musical instrument created by one of America's most distinguished organ builders. View extraordinary art as you listen to a free concert, held every Saturday and Sunday at 4 pm, except when the museum is closed.

The organ concerts take place in Gallery 10. Concerts are free after museum admission. No additional ticket or advance reservation required.

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2017 Schedule

1: John Walko
7-8: David Hegarty
14-15: Jonathan Dimmock
21-22: Fred Jodry
28-29: John Walko

4-5: Gedymin Grubba (Poland)
11-12: Wim Does & Susanna Veerman
(organ duo from the Netherlands)
18-19: Jonathan Dimmock
25-26: Alfred Yoon

4-5: Jonathan Dimmock
11-12: Gregory Eaton (Austin, TX)
18-19: David Hegarty
25-26: John Walko

1-2: David Hegarty
8-9: Jonathan Dimmock
15-16: Jin Lim
22-23: John Walko
29-30: Jerome Lenk

6-7: David Hegarty
13-14: Frederic Blanc (Paris, France)
20-21: Jonathan Dimmock
27-28: John Walko

3-4: David Hegarty
10-11: Jane Dimmock Cain (Davidson, NC)
17-18: Jonathan Dimmock
24-25: John Walko

1-2: David Hegarty
8-9: Jonathan Dimmock
15-16: Angela Kraft Cross
22-23: John Walko
29-30: John Hirten

5-6: David Hegarty
12-13: Jeffrey Johnson (Brockton, MA)
19-20: John Walko
26-27: Jonathan Dimmock

2-3: David Hegarty
9-10: Jonathan Dimmock
16-17: John Walko
23-24: Ugo Sforza (Italy)
30-Oct. 1: Katya Kolesnikova

7-8: David Hegarty
14-15: Cyril Deaconoff
21-22: Jonathan Dimmock
28-29: John Walko

4-5: David Hegarty
11-12: Jonathan Dimmock
18-19: Gerard Verweij (Netherlands)
24-25: John Walko

2-3: David Hegarty
9-10: Jonathan Dimmock
16-17: Angela Kraft Cross
23-24: John Hirten
30-31: John Walko




The Legion of Honor Skinner Organ concerts are made possible with support from the Joseph G. Bradley Charitable Foundation.