Sarah Lucas: Good Muse

July 15, 2017September 24, 2017

Invoking the partial body—in particular sexual organs and acts—through the use of ordinary objects and materials, Lucas infuses her sculptures with references that challenge gendered representations of sexuality. In the early 1990s she gained notoriety for creating confrontational sculptures and tableaux that showcased the innate crudeness of stereotypical conceptions and representations of male and female desire. Her recent sculptures, which include sexually ambiguous biomorphic forms fashioned from stuffed stockings, or bronze and plaster casts of her and her friends’ lower bodies, display an easy confidence that confronts the idealizing male gaze of Rodin’s eroticism with a down-to-earth female perspective on physical pleasure.

In conjunction with Auguste Rodin: The Centenary Installation, the Legion of Honor has invited artist Sarah Lucas to unveil new and existing works exhibited in dialogue with the museum’s Rodin sculptures, bringing a contemporary perspective to today’s understanding of Rodin’s work and legacy. This installation will explore a dimension of Rodin’s work that often remains underappreciated: his palpable eroticism, only barely veiled by mythological and religious subject matter, in works such as Christ and the Magdalene.

Many of the works by Rodin included in The Centenary Installation will remain on view during Lucas's installation.


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