Upcoming Special Exhibitions

March 14, 2015July 19, 2015
Rosekrans Gallery, Special Exhibition Galleries 20B-E

Explore the glamour and sophistication of one of the world’s preeminent costume collections, whose fashions worn by American women reflect the nation’s tastes and transformations over the course of the 20th century. High Style, presented exclusively on the West Coast at the Legion of Honor, provides a rare opportunity to view the evolution of fashion from 1910 to 1980 through more than 60 stunning costumes, 30 costume accessories, and an array of related fashion sketches from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection. Learn more

December 13, 2014August 30, 2015
Glass Gallery 9B
Breguet subscription watch
September 19, 2015January 10, 2016
Rosekrans Gallery, Special Exhibition Galleries 20B-C

Coming soon to the de Young

Janet Delaney, Longtime Neighbors, Langton at Folsom Street, 1980
January 17, 2015July 19, 2015
Gallery 12
L: Figure, first quarter of 20th century, Nkundu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Wood, fiber, and pigments. 2013.78.5. Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, gift of Richard S. Scheller. Photo by Robert A. Kato. R: Figure, Fang Ntumu, Gabon, 19th century. Wood. Private collection. L13.34.1. Photo by Robert A. Kato.
January 31, 2015July 5, 2015
Textile Galleries 60-61
Botticelli to Bracque National Gallery of Scotland
March 7, 2015May 31, 2015
Herbst Special Exhibition Galleries
Photo by Greg Lato © Latoga Photography
April 13, 2015April 19, 2015
Joseph Mallord William Turner, Snow Storm—Steam-Boat off a Harbour's Mouth, exhibited 1842. Oil on canvas. Tate London. Image © Tate, London 2014
June 20, 2015September 20, 2015
Herbst Exhibition Galleries
August 29, 2015February 28, 2016