Göbekli Tepe: A Stone Age Sanctuary in South-Eastern Anatolia

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Unearthed stone pillars at Göbekli Tepe
Unearthed stone pillars at Göbekli Tepe: View of circular arrangement of megalithic pillars with relief carving. Photographer: © Berthold Steinhilber, 2008

Dr. Klaus Schmidt, Senior Research Fellow, Orient Department, German Archaeological Institute in Berlin; Adjunct Professor, Institute for Pre- and Protohistory, Erlangen-Nürnberg University; and Global Heritage Fund Project Director at Göbekli Tepe (www.globalheritagefund.org)

Built by early Neolithic peoples over 10,000 years ago, Göbekli Tepe has been interpreted as the oldest human-made place of worship yet discovered. Featuring dozens of 5-meter-high monolithic pillars, carved in relief, this massive site of circular “temple” structure suggests several millennia of activity, at a scale not previously thought possible for a community so ancient.

The speaker has directed the Göbekli Tepe excavations and research project since 1995. Reception will follow lecture. The museum will be closed. Please use the Terrace level entrance on the north side of the building.

Congratulations to the Global Heritage Fund on its 10th anniversary! The Ancient Art Council would like to thank Acme Bread Company and Fra’Mani Handcrafted Foods for their generous donations.

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