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Helen Diller Family Annual Lecture Series: Journey to the Copper Age, Dr. Thomas E. Levy

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Speaker: Dr. Thomas E. Levy, Distinguished Professor and Norma Kershaw Chair, Archaeology of Ancient Israel and Neighboring Lands, UC San Diego This lecture presents an overview of various social and economic revolutions that took place more than 6,000 years ago in Israel and the neighboring lands. The most significant development was the introduction of metallurgy. Chalcolithic metal workers made elaborate prestige objects such as crowns, scepters, and mace heads. This presentation explores the social role of the "metallurgy revolution" and its effects on social change during this formative period in the southern Levant. The speaker led the first Israeli-Jordanian-American-German international archaeology expedition to locate the Copper Age trade route used by the earliest metal workers in the Holy Land. This is the 2013 Helen Diller Family Annual Lecture Series: Archaeological Discoveries in Israel.
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Advance reservations requested: ancientart@famsf.org. Lecture free to the public
Supported by a grant from the Helen Diller Family Foundation, a Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Endowment Fund, and by the Israel Antiquities Authority
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