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Salon Doré Installation



In late 2012, the Salon Doré was completely de-installed from the Legion of Honor’s Gallery 11. Over the course of 12 days, conservators and technicians worked together to systematically record and remove each component of the period room’s complex boiserie, or paneling. The team began at the top of the room and worked down to the floor level, where the institutional wood floor was ultimately removed and replaced with an original 18th-century parquet floor.

More than a year went by before the room was reopened, in April 2014. Unlike the de-installation, which took less than two weeks, the complex reinstallation process took place over the course of 12 weeks. One of the most significant changes made to the room was its dimensions, which were reconfigured from a rectangle to a square to better reflect the Salon Doré’s original footprint. The paneling for the north wall was installed first, followed by the elements of the south wall. Once in place, these components allowed conservators to establish the exact size of the east and west walls, which had to be reduced in size according to the room's 18th-century floor plan. Additional aspects of the room also required significant care during reinstallation, including the central mirror, the fireplace’s marble hearthstone (which had been omitted in the previous installation), the coved ceiling, and the chandelier.