Museum Policies

The following policies apply to the museum’s indoor and outdoor areas:

All parcels and bags are subject to inspection by security upon arrival at the museum.

Standard-size backpacks are allowed. All bags, purses, and backpacks larger than 8" h x 8" w x 5" d must be carried by hand. To ensure the safety of the collection, the museum does not permit visitors to carry bags on their backs in the galleries. Bags larger than an average carry-on (approximately 41”) are not allowed in the museum and cannot be checked at the museum’s coat-check facilities. Small carry-ons may be stored at coat-check based on availability, and still require inspection upon arrival.

Please Note: The museum’s staff reserves the right to decide what can and cannot be checked in at the coat-check facilities, based on availability. Please note that during peak holidays and exhibitions, coat-check space can be very limited. To make your visit to the museum as pleasant as possible, we recommend you travel lightly.

Standard-size strollers are allowed, however please note that some exhibitions have restricted stroller access.

Please check:

  • Metal-framed backpacks
  • Oversized packs and bags
  • Long umbrellas
  • Rollerblades, skateboards, and scooters
  • Baby-carrier backpacks (unless convertible to the front) and oversized or jogging strollers

Prohibited items: 

  • Weapons
  • Knives, box cutters, and scissors
  • Flowers, plants, feathers, and balloons
  • Flammable liquids
  • Permanent markers and spray paint
  • Bicycles (bicycles can be secured at outside racks)
  • Over-sized luggage

Shirt and shoes are required (no cleats or wheeled shoes).

Food and beverages are allowed only in the café and adjoining terrace.

City ordinance does not permit smoking in the museum or the park.

Please silence cell phones and pagers.

Only service animals are allowed in the museum.


Still photography and short smartphone videos are allowed in the free spaces and permanent collection galleries for non-commercial use only. No long-form video or flash photography is allowed. No tripods can be used anywhere, including the Osher Sculpture Garden, Garden of Enchantment, or Court of Honor without advance written permission and/or staff supervision.

Photography is not allowed in special exhibition galleries unless otherwise stated on site.

Professional or commercial photography and video queries should be directed to Ken Garcia, Director of Government and Community Affairs, at


Sketching for individuals with pencil on a small (9” x 12” or smaller) hand-held pad is allowed during public hours in the permanent collection. Sketching in special exhibition galleries is by permission only, subject to lender and gallery restrictions. Please read our sketching, photography, and painting rules/permit application for more information.

sketching_permit_application.pdf1.05 MB