The Legion of Honor reopens early May. The de Young is now open to the Public. Learn about extra precautions to welcome you back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we see the spaces that are available for rent?
The museum is open to the public Tuesday–Sunday from 9:30 am–5:15 pm. For a personalized site visit, or if you would like to bring your clients to the museum, please contact the facility rental manager to set up an appointment.

Do you allow outside caterers?
You are welcome to choose from our approved catering list. Though, no other caterers may service the Legion.

Does the rental fee include food, beverage or staff?
The rental fees listed include an engineer, custodial service, a museum representative and security. No food, beverage or service staff is included in rental fees.

Is the use of the Legion of Honor permitted for fundraising, political, religious or events for guests under the age of 21?
Unfortunately, none of the above are permitted.

What is the earliest event start time for an event at the Legion?
The earliest event start time is 6:30 pm unless your event day is on a Monday.

May events extend in length beyond package hours?
Yes. The rental rates listed include 4 hours of event time, but you are welcome to purchase additional time until 1 am. The rates for additional hours begin at $2,000 per hour and increase depending on the specific spaces used. Your vendors will still have two hours after your guests leave for tear down, however, all guests must be off-premises by 1 am.

Is the California Palace of the Legion of Honor and the Palace of Fine Arts the same building?
No. The California Palace of the Legion of Honor ("the Legion") is located in Lincoln Park at 34th Avenue and Clement Street. The Legion is a part of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The Palace of Fine Arts is located in the Marina District, at Marina Boulevard and Lyon Street. To obtain a permit for a wedding ceremony at the Palace Rotunda, contact the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department at 415.831.5500,

Is it possible to have a ceremony only (no reception in the building) on the grounds of the Legion of Honor?
Ceremony-only is allowed on the Balustrade Lawn, though permission for a ceremony only is granted no earlier than 30 days prior to the ceremony date. You may call the facility rental manager at 415.750.3698 or thirty (30) days prior to your date to check availability. If there are no events planned in the building, the Museum may issue you a formal permission. With this letter, and a check for $500, a permit can be issued from the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (SFRP).

Is it possible to take wedding photos only in the Court of Honor?
While the Court of Honor is a private space, informal photos (i.e. no lights, tripods, group photos, or extensive set-up) are allowed during open public hours (9:30 am–5 pm Tuesday–Sunday) as long as they do not interfere with the operations of the museum or the visitor experience. If the museum is busy, you may be asked to relocate. At certain times special events may be taking place or a tent may be installed in the Court of Honor. During these times the colonnade is needed for ingress/egress to the building, and photography is not permitted. At all times, it is expected that couples respect both museum visitors and access into and from the front entry. For questions, please contact the facility rental manager at 415.750.3698 or

Does the museum provide any event supplies?
No. All signage, sign holders or other directional or promotional items must be provided by the client.

Does the Museum provide a Wedding Coordinator or Planner?
No. A museum liaison will be present on the day of your wedding, though they are not available to act as your wedding coordinator. We are happy to send you a list of wedding planners for your event.

How do I inquire about a date for a special event?
We would love to assist you. If you are interested in hosting an event at the Legion of Honor please contact the Facility Rentals department, at 415.750. 3698 or

Is the Legion available for daytime events?
Yes, on Mondays.

May we place a hold on a potential date?
Yes. Please call the facility rental manager to check date availability. If a date is open, you may place a tentative hold on the date. Holds are valid for 30 days. After 30 days, your hold can be cancelled without notice.

What if there is a hold on the date we want?
Not to worry. The calendaring system can place two holds for any given date. If you are interested in a date with one tentative hold, you can be placed as the second hold. If you are interested in a date with holds, you may simply challenge the holding parties in order to secure your date.

How do we challenge a hold?
In order to challenge a hold, we require a signed and submitted the challenge waiver with 50% deposit of your estimated rental fees. Once the Facility Rental Manager has received your signed waiver and deposit, the holding parties will be contacted and informed of the challenge. They then have 48 hours to either confirm the date with a 50% deposit as well, or release their hold. By challenging a hold, you are committing to going to contract for that specific date. If you cancel after we have challenged the holding parties, the deposit will be forfeited.

What if our hold is challenged by another party?
If your hold is challenged, the facility rental manager will give you notice via phone or email that you have been challenged. You may confirm your event date with a 50% deposit and signed contract within 48 hours, or release the date to the other party.

How early can the caterer, florist, or other vendor access the museum for set-up?
Caterers have access to the loading dock starting at 2 pm on the day of your event. Set-up of event space may begin after 5:30 pm once the museum has been cleared, closed and secured. Ceremony set up of chairs on the balustrade lawn can begin at 4 pm; ceremony set up of chairs only in the Court of Honor may begin at 5 pm on the day of your event.

What area is available for a ceremony in case of rain?
If you have scheduled a Court of Honor Ceremony and it is raining the day of your event, you may hold your ceremony in the Florence Gould Theater at no additional fee. If you have scheduled a balustrade lawn ceremony and it is raining the day of your event, you may hold your ceremony in the Florence Gould Theater for a rental fee of $750.

What if our guests arrive early?
The museum will not open doors to your guests until your contracted event start time. Please advise your guests to come to the museum at the specified time.

What are the restrictions with regard to decoration, music and entertainment at the Legion?
Our comprehensive policies and procedures will be included with your contract. You can request an electronic version prior to contract by emailing the facility rental manager. The renter must submit a list of all vendors to the facility rental manager 30 days prior to the event. All vendors will be contacted by the facility rental manager directly and must adhere to the museum’s policies and procedures as well as sign a waiver to work onsite. Entertainment must be approved and must end 15 minutes prior to the event end time. All decor, lighting, floral, displays, audio/visual and sound equipment must be approved by the facility rental manager.

What is the photography and videography policy at the Legion of Honor?
Photography is limited to areas designated for eating and drinking. No videotaping is allowed, except in the Legion Café. The front gate to the Court of Honor is locked each day at 5:15 pm. Photography in this area must take place prior to closure.

Am I able to hold an event in the Court of Honor?
Yes. Events may be held in the Court of Honor only as approved by the director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. To rent the Court of Honor for your event the rental fee is $25,000. A full tent is required for this rental which is estimated at an additional $25,000.

What is the museum’s shipping and receiving policy?
Unfortunately, the museum cannot accept any deliveries or shipments. All materials must be brought onsite by your vendors or staff on the day of the event via the loading dock. No materials will be allowed to enter the museum from any other door

We have staff arriving early to set up, what do we need to do?
Any persons entering the museum before the event start time must be approved by the facility rental manager. A list of all early arriving staff will need to be submitted. A maximum of 10 early arrivals may enter the museum via the security entrance/loading dock.