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Ancient Art Council Lecture: On the road from Persepolis

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Ancient Art Council Lecture

Relief of a gift bearer. Persian, Achaemenid Empire, Persepolis, from the Palace of Darius I or Xerxes I, ca. 490-470 BC. Bituminous limestone; 8 1/8 x 7 1/2 in. (20.6 x 19 cm). Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Museum purchase, gift of Lisa Sardegna, Albert P. Wagner Bequest Fund, William A. Stimson, Friends of Ian White Endowment Income Fund, Unrestricted Art Acquisition Endowment Fund, Volunteer Council Acquisition Fund, Ancient Art Trust Fund and Auction Proceeds, Mrs. John N. Rosekrans, Jr., Sande Schlumberger, Endowment Fund in Honor of Francesca and Thomas Carr Howe, Walter H. and Phyllis J. Shorenstein Foundation Fund, gift of Tish and James Brown, and various Tribute Funds, 2008.1

The UNESCO world heritage site of Persepolis in Iran became a globally famous, imperial ruin in the seventeenth century; foreign visitors took pieces of its architectural sculpture from the eighteenth century onwards, first as gifts, later as merchandise. This webinar follows the paths of these pieces as they expanded the physical boundaries of the Achaemenid capital, becoming contact relics for their homeland on distant shores. This webinar re-contextualises the dispersed, stone emigres, including San Francisco’s, in their original fifth-century BC structures. It considers how their fragmentation transformed the resonance of the sculptures in isolation, but also affected the twentieth-century conservation and study of their home.

Lecture in memory of Professor David Stronach

Encomium delivered by Professor emeritus Dr. Michael Roaf, Vorderasiatische Archäologie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Speaker: Dr. Lindsay Allen, Lecturer in Greek & Near Eastern History, King’s College London

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