Textile Conservation

Located at the de Young, the George and Marie Hecksher Textile Conservation Center provides for the preservation, conservation and scientific study of the Museums’ permanent textile collection, which currently numbers more than 13,000 pieces. The center itself has been specifically designed to accommodate the collection’s largest works, including a partial set of monumental 500-year-old European tapestries, the largest of which measures about 15 by 27 feet, as well as the smallest works, including fragments from ancient Coptic textiles.

The Textile Conservation Center comprises a dry room, a wet room with slanted floor and a dye room.

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A Volunteer Tradition:  A Brief Overview of the Role of Volunteers in the Textile Conservation Lab of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, 1970-2008, by Sarah Gates and Beth Szuhay

New Lab Space, New de Young, by Sarah Gates and Beth Szuhay

Long-Term Support Enables a Conservation Triumph, by Sarah Gates

The Triumph of Prudence and the Triumph of Fortitude, by Sarah Gates

One Hundred Anatolian Flatweaves: Conservation for Exhibition, Travel and Storage, by Sarah Gates


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