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The Logan Gallery of Illustrated Books

Best known for his achievements in sculpture and painting, Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966) was also an accomplished printmaker. In 1957 he began an epic series of 150 lithographs of his beloved Paris, where he had lived since 1922. The lithographs were intended for a deluxe artist’s book Paris sans fin (Paris Forever) that would be published by Tériade, one of the great innovators of the artist book in the modern era.

Giacometti roamed the city with great freedom, making sketches wherever he went on specially prepared papers that were later transferred to lithographic stones for printing. Prior to his death in 1966, he arranged the prints by theme, including cafes, boulevards, and his own atelier. He was to provide a text but lived only long enough to supply a few passages. A selection of the large, unbound pages of the book Paris sans Fin, which was published posthumously in 1969, will be exhibited that features Paris as a modern city of parked cars and expressways, but also as an iconic city with its signature cafés, bridges and monuments.


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